Sichuan Guangyuan back leading project driven by more than ten million people in employment

through several years of efforts, Sichuan’s return home venture project has achieved good results, there are nearly 400 projects settled in the beginning of the implementation of the rural labor force to solve the problem of employment, and promote the development of regional economy in Guangyuan.

11 10, Guangyuan returned to the list of entrepreneurial enterprises to add new members: investment of $11 million Sichuan fine carbon Albert environmental technology company officially put into operation. This is the 378th return to Guangyuan cited entrepreneurial projects.

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9 in mid March, the Guangyuan municipal Party committee secretary Ma Hua, mayor Faye Wong led the team to Beijing, the Beijing Tianjin region in Guangyuan province held a forum of entrepreneurs, issued a sincere call earthy accent: his hometown, hometown of entrepreneurship. When I heard that Zhou Bin who had their entrepreneurial intentions, hometown leadership position immediately, by the district set up a special working group to assist in the implementation of.

with fellow neighbors

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