What are the problems of vegetarian fast food

despite the current situation of the development of the entire market, cooked food seems to be a very large space for development, it is worth the choice of investors. However, there are many problems in the process of actual operation. So, what are the problems of running vegetarian fast food?

with the emphasis on healthy eating, many businesses are targeting the vegetarian market. In addition to the vegetarian restaurant near the temple, a group of vegetarian in Guangzhou, but also to promote the spread of vegetarianism to the downtown business district, trying to vegetarian fast food, buffet and other forms of white-collar and young people into the crowd.

survey found that vegetarian fast food this project is full of gimmicks, but because of high costs and fewer customers, the promotion also encountered bottlenecks.

operating status: operating costs difficult to promote

and restaurants near the main attraction of the old vegetarian restaurant, opened in the downtown area of the vegetarian restaurant is mainly young people and students business. Businesses will be made into a vegetarian fast food, buffet and other forms, the supply of white-collar workers, students as a lunch, dinner.

vegetarian fast food has the characteristics of fresh, tender, crisp, fragrant, shape, and feeling. "Imitation meat" is a major feature of vegetarian fast food.

previously, several new vegetarian restaurants in Guangzhou failed because of poor management. A vegetarian restaurant in Guangzhou at a university at the entrance of the leaflets said vegetarian operating cost is not low, especially in imitation of meat diet, the cost is much higher than the real meat meat food. But at present advocate vegetarian crowd is not much, so a shop business is very difficult.

said, vegetarian fast food commonly used fresh raw materials Seiko, lifelike and unique taste, because of high production costs, price positioning to increase, each a package to sell more than and 10 yuan. Compared with the general fast food shops, the price of a vegetarian diet is not competitive.

at the same time, the general can only supply vegetarian fast food for lunch and dinner, but according to Chinese eating habits, few people have a vegetarian dinner, usually with meat as staple food.

recommendations: increase variety

The current

operating difficulties to break the vegetarian food, only vegetarian dishes from the varieties, efforts. According to the understanding of leaflets in Europe and the United States, China, Taiwan and other places, a variety is very rich, have a meal, Western-style food, Sichuan, India Dongbei cuisine etc.. Lobular also plans to change the business model, introduce some vegetarian meal desserts, noodles, snacks, meals Western-style food kind of food, such as hamburgers to enrich the types of vegetarian dishes.

change business model

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