Sophomore girls in the campus to open a fruit shop

now some college students in the campus shop has become very popular, and now, regardless of the society or the government for some college students’ entrepreneurial activities have expressed support, then, will be to introduce a college student such entrepreneurial experience.


the military forged business alliance

"students, 1 apple 1 8 5 angle; 3 oranges 1 block 4, 4 bananas and 4 pieces of 8, I give you erase the fraction gave me $8, on the line." At noon yesterday at 1:30 in the same color of the ladder near the fruit shop, Meng Yingzheng together with.

"both of us is living, suddenly to a liberal arts college to study, very confused when he first entered school, so I intend to do what, or to decadence." About his partner Chen Zhongyue, Meng Yingle cheerfully said that it is the steel revolutionary friendship of the two girls one to learn English, learn a foreign language in school, military training was made up to a team, shortly after plans to start "in the beginning, we are going to have a DIY cake shop plan report has written, but later to engage in market research, do not feel too realistic, had to give up."

business put fruit stand

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