Xining City West headquarters economic building project foundation

in November 20th, with a total investment of 360 million yuan, covers an area of more than 1.2 square meters of Xining City West District headquarters economic base. The start of the project is to promote the "West District Zhuchaoyinfeng" project, a major initiative to develop modern economy.

it is understood that the headquarters economy, agglomeration refers to all kinds of economic organizations based in one area or city center, promote the regional economic development of economy, it is the symbol of city competitiveness and modernization. In the core area of building modern service industry at the same time, Chengxi district started construction of headquarters economy since 2007, and will focus on the financial industry, through investment, in 2011 the new 14 contracted projects, merchants funds 1 billion 490 million yuan, Bank of communications, Qinghai financial supermarket and other construction projects are running well, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank, Pacific Insurance Company and a number of national large financial companies settled in the west, which laid the foundation for the western development of headquarters economy and building the economy. (author: Xiao Shu Tang Zhonghai)

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