Sun Taoran staking profit on the road is just a small thing


Sun Taoran. Kara

for mapHe is one of the founders of

company, has created the first Chinese PR industry listed company; he co founded Henderson Albert, planning of "business" become a classic marketing case; now, he fought in the third party payment market, began writing a new story. This is the chairman Sun Taoran lacarra. The six shirt draped veteran entrepreneurs has a clear goal, do the industry leader, because it was "profitable". So, on our way in a circle in his view, he neither too fast nor too slow, the profit is only the simple things.

character story

give up a secure job willing to drift

1991, Sun Taoran graduated from Beijing university. In the era that he didn’t need to worry about his job, he got a solid job without a doubt. He was going to work in a construction company in Changchun.

Sun Taoran recalls, laughing in the north have seen the world, the "distribution" is more like "exiled", that is not the entry he had made his decision to leave. In the era of "iron rice bowl" as the highest standard, people think this decision is incredible, but he thought it was no big deal.

returned to Beijing from Jilin to Sun Taoran as a drift: No unit, no housing, no account.

he wants to associate. For this company in the school next to Sun Taoran as early as the University during the sighting. At that time, how much skill to give the stage, personal interests into the corporate needs of the slogan, so that Sun Taoran feel fresh, exciting. However, he did not do so. It is interesting that many years later, he became a member of the big family in another way.

"public office, residence, housing, treatment, salary, all these things should not be the factors that affect my choice, I want to do what. If you care about these things, they would like to tie your chain, people should learn to control their own." Sun Taoran said.

when entrepreneurship becomes a lifestyle

Sun Taoran’s entrepreneurial experience is very suitable for use "by surprise" to describe. His first successful venture is to join the media. In 1994, the Ministry of Civil Affairs under the four group after 3 years of hard work, Sun Taoran served as general manager of the group’s four advertising companies, a year later, he decided to go the "Beijing Youth Daily" published the monograph for computer, two years later, his client at that time all the mainstream brands across IT. When the momentum of the company Mengjin, the whole company is an optimistic, but Sun Taoran began to worry. Cooperation agreement with BYD once the deal expires, not necessarily, even if the contract, inevitably harsh conditions for cooperation. Also at this time, BlueFocus PR company began to breed germination. It is worth mentioning that the company later became the first domestic public relations industry.


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