Provincial classification to promote the reform of the leading group held a meeting

10 18, classification of leading group promoting the reform of institutions meeting examined and approved in principle "on the further deepening of the reform of the province’s institutions opinions (Draft)" and "Qinghai province to carry out the implementation of the views of the reform of administrative institutions undertake pilot (Draft)". Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor, leading group leader Cheng Lihua presided over the meeting, deputy governor, deputy head of the leading group attended the meeting and delivered a speech on behalf of Zhang Guangrong.

the meeting pointed out that the reform of institutions is an important part of a comprehensive deepening reform, is an important measure to promote the transformation of government functions, building a service-oriented government, is the objective need to improve the level of public service institutions, to accelerate the development of social undertakings. In recent years, the province in accordance with the requirements of the central authorities to actively promote the reform of public institutions, and achieved a phased effect.

the meeting stressed that all localities and departments in accordance with the provincial government work plan, to further enhance their understanding, to speed up the classification process to promote institutions, focus on the nuclear situation, name, the responsibilities of work, optimize the agencies and institutions and human resources allocation, set up a reasonable, scientific establishment. High quality administrative functions of institutions reform, grasp the core of separate affairs, highlighting the function of combing the key to solve the administrative problems of power, extracorporeal circulation, complete the reform pilot task within the prescribed time limit. To continue to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the responsibility to play, to form a joint force, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that the reform measures landing.


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