Xining women’s Federation of innovative ideas nearly 200 thousand rural women benefit

closely around the municipal government’s overall work, conscientiously perform their functions, in the party and government are anxious, women, women’s Federation required can combine, in recent years, the Municipal Women’s Federation innovative ideas, led the women to participate in the construction of harmonious Xining, making our city nearly 200 thousand rural women benefit.

in the rural areas, Municipal Women’s Federation around "rich, beautiful village, folk music, and the" new rural construction, deepening the "Shuangxue Shuangbi" contest and the "women’s rich technology projects, stimulate and promote the overall implementation of the women’s Federation to training services and projects, strive to cultivate science and technology rich female experts, actively promote the transfer of rural women labor force, promote the rural women’s income, making our city nearly 200 thousand rural women in the" production development "," living off "in the net benefit, in promoting the rural civilization, clean village" in the dedication, in the "democratic management". In the city, give full play to their own advantages of women’s federations at all levels in our city, to participate in community construction as the focus, continue to deepen the "meritorious contest" and "women’s community service project", launched the "women’s creative industry", to create a harmonious family, harmonious family peace, community activities, focus on the city, the employment of laid-off women the re employment problem, founder of laid-off women as the main wutuo class, housekeeping service company, to assist the government to do public service.


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