Study and implement the spirit of the eighteen Xining in action Xining strive to achieve the three s

Wang Yubo said in his speech: Xining efforts to achieve the three

"we study and implement the spirit of the eighteen must be based on a realistic, pragmatic, practical, to the real, so that people benefit from the results of work as the study and implement the spirit of the results of the eighteen." The afternoon of November 19th, vice secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo attended the twelve plenary meeting of the two session of the provincial Party committee group discussion speech that must be in a serious and responsible attitude, the spirit of reform and innovation, pragmatic style, seriously study and deeply understand and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen overall, Xining in the implementation of the "two new" goal in struggling for the benefit of the people, in promoting the construction of the "three zones" in the development of breakthrough, be enthusiastic and press on.

Wang Yubo said that the communication system on eighteen the first Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the spirit and the spirit of Qiang Wei Secretary Luo Huining, the governor, he was educated, very encouraged, very excited. In practice, Xining will be combined with the actual work, a comprehensive systematic and in-depth study on theory and practice, adhere to the new ideas, new ideas put forward by eighteen, examine the actual situation, improve the work of thinking, a new blueprint; determined by eighteen large new mission, positioning development goals, innovation and development initiatives with the new experience of the eighteen; summary, new judgment, inspection results, study force has received, use and success.

Wang Yubo pointed out that to learn the spirit of eighteen, to close up and implement the provincial twelfth Party Congress spirit, the spirit of the Thirteenth Party Congress, with the deepening of reform and opening up, improve the people’s livelihood closely together, and to change the style of work, carry forward the spirit and the spirit of Xining Xinqing sea together. Combined with the actual Xining, always put the scientific development, accelerate the development as the first priority, vigorously implement the "unification of three" development strategy and the "five three" project, in eighteen the spirit of the guidelines, in-depth study and practice of the plan of Scientific Outlook on Development in our city, to further clarify the development of ideas, goal of development, research and development the measures to enhance the development of confidence, adhere to the undivided attention and development, concentrate on construction, do everything possible to protect the people’s livelihood, the implementation of best efforts.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the twelfth provincial Party Congress on the work of Xining proposed a new position, new requirements. According to the new position and new requirements, Xining should strive to achieve the "three standard expansion", one is the city infrastructure construction dibiao extended surface two is fostering the growth of market players dibiao extended surface, three is to improve the social welfare of the people’s livelihood dibiao extended surface.

"in particular, to improve people’s well-being, which is the starting point and end point of all work in Xining." Wang Yubo pointed out that the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the goal of the "ten more" popular, Xining will always follow the "do people most in need of things, the people most recognized thing" concept, to promote the improvement of social welfare of the people’s livelihood dibiao extended surface. Continue to support the accelerated development of education, the implementation of standardized school building, weak school reform, pre-school education and other projects. We will continue to strengthen cultural construction, promote cultural tourism integration, and adjust the industrial structure through the development of cultural industries. ;

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