The national youth entrepreneur coffee in the future to participate in entrepreneurial elite Hui qin

Green Fair this year, the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League will be invited to the national young entrepreneurs big coffee in the morning of June 21st, held in Delingha, "a youth create the future" as the theme of "youth hit off Salon – Hui entrepreneurial heroes".

during this year’s Green Fair will be held in Qinghai Provincial Committee and the Liaoning provincial Party committee signed an agreement to support poverty alleviation. Xining, Haidong and Liaoning province aid City Youth League signed poverty alleviation assistance agreement, six autonomous prefectures in our province will be signed with the green counterpart aid six provinces League aid agreement, the League Committee and the Xining branch of the Bank of Chinese docking signed "a bank help small loans cooperation agreement ceremony. At present, the youth hit off salon activities have completed the preparatory work.

in addition, to help my youth hit off the strong brand, and broaden the financing market and promote the project docking, Green Fair this year will arrange a Qinghai youth entrepreneurship exhibition area, focus on the display of intelligent robots, intelligent charging, intelligent hardware and the characteristics of Qinghai modern agricultural projects.


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