East Branch of CBC launched a study of the party’s eighteen spiritual boom

To learn good publicity is good, the eighteen meeting of implementing the spirit of the party, according to the provincial branch of the Party branch and Party branch of study and implement the spirit of eighteen working days before deployment, ICBC branch of various departments and branches, each branch using the Monday meeting, before and after work time, to focus and self the whole trip off form, study the party’s eighteen big spirit upsurge.

learning, each unit of the systematic study of the eighteen big reports of the party, seriously comprehend the profound meaning to Chinese socialism ", the Party Central Committee on" understanding the essence of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction of "five in one" general layout ". We believe that through learning, the eighteen Party’s report is a summary of the system of socialist theory China characteristics, is the political declaration and programme of action of the party leading the people to promote reform and opening up and modernization, learn good publicity is good, good to carry out the spirit of the party’s eighteen primary political task as before and for a period of.

staff said, to learn the spirit of the party’s eighteen and work closely together with practice, thinking ahead, self pressurized, based on the post, the spirit of the party’s eighteen big business development throughout the whole process, internalized in the heart, outside of the line, and make new contributions to the reform and development of our bank. (author: Ma Xiangyu)


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