Pan Xiaoting unveiled the electric car mascot

"with a picture of me can?" "Can I have your name, please?" All of a sudden, in the crowd, we opened the pot, a beautiful and generous girl busy with tourists and people posed for a photo, the more people get together, but she did not refuse. Pan Xiaoting, the global promotion of the current image ambassador, her arrival will be the first round of the event to the climax. "I can’t think Pan Xiaoting is so approachable." A group of people and Pan Xiaoting just told reporters that he saw the Xining evening news reports on the current events, found that there are his idol, Pan Xiaoting, then made a special trip to Kumbum Monastery.
until the tournament mascot unveiled the first two minutes, the public and tourists gathered beside Pan Xiaoting, to sign and leave the photo, Pan Xiaoting patiently will desire a reach of fans.
then Pan Xiaoting for the first tour of Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge mascot "the Oryx" unveiled. Because Pan Xiaoting is the first time to Qinghai, and there are many fans in Qinghai, she has been busy that day. Pan Xiaoting and the accompanying staff told reporters, Pan Xiaoting for the first time to come to Qinghai, a little altitude sickness, but she has been working in the Xining evening news, Qinghai local government, set up public transfer voice communication, circulation and influence is the first newspaper, Pan Xiaoting in the busy and specially wrote the message: "may the Xining evening news, yuebanyuehao." Bless the Xining evening news, but also to the majority of the Xining Evening News readers and her fans blessing.

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