held the seismic safety of rural residence construction knowledge training

8 24, Datong earthquake Office of Xining Municipal Seismological Bureau, jointly in Datong County to the township held the "seismic safety of rural residence construction knowledge training".

to carry out earthquake safety project construction in rural residential areas is an important measure for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work serving the construction of new socialist countryside. Rural residential areas are related to the safety of the lives and property of the majority of farmers, and it is very important to strengthen the safety of rural houses. However, because most of our friends of farmers shockproof consciousness and restricted economic and technological conditions, many rural residential seismic fortification level is not high or even no necessary fortification, some new houses are still in accordance with the old habits of rural construction, not up to the requirements for seismic resistance. Therefore, to implement the Provincial Seismological Bureau, the Provincial Construction Department "on the promotion of our province rural residential earthquake safety project of the views of the notice" spirit, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, Datong earthquake office to hold the lecture, its purpose is to popularize earthquake safe construction knowledge, promotion of rural houses in practical seismic technology the full implementation of the city’s agricultural engineering so as to drive home.

this lecture was taught by Zhang Wuyu, associate professor of Qinghai University. Simple explanation of the two or three storey masonry structure of the seismic structure of the main points, the role of seismic structure in the housing performance. How to do a good job of earthquake resistance of buildings. 69 farmers to rural craftsmen participated in the training. And distribution of residential buildings atlas and brochures.

City Seismological Bureau will continue to strengthen the publicity, training, and actively provide information and technical services to serve the construction of new rural areas, and promote rural residential seismic fortification.



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