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  chunhanliaoqiao, after the heavy snow, in the land of snow, grow more enchanting.

February 12th, the fifth day of the new year, Zhang Ning from highway 33 kilometers to the west along a flat cement road, Qiaotou Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in Xining City Town Village outline gradually clear: public infrastructure facilities, open air Culture Plaza, new street, neat cottages and roadway, and many others the car parked in front of the door……

came to the village door, the reporter has been shoveling snow snow enthusiasm. Early in the morning, I received a phone call from the director of Chen, let the other members of the village committee to clean up the snow." The old party Zhao Guomin said over the edge. Originally, for the Spring Festival travel convenience, village director Chen Deqi early in the morning to the village committee, the organization of the village to clean up the main road surface, the snow on the square, although the weather is cold, but we are full of energy.

village committee office building is a two story building, which has complete office facilities. Chen Deqi said: "although it is during the Spring Festival, but the village has been arranged for staff on duty, all the time scheduled on duty today to me, I will come early in the morning shift."

asked the monitor, Chen Deqi opened the chatterbox, he said: "in the county government, the town Party committee and government support, the village after village main road camera cover, the installation of 32 cameras, the village realized grid management. Since the installation of the camera, in the village of fighting, drinking, gambling, cluttered uncivilized phenomenon was decreased, provides a good holiday atmosphere and safe living environment for the masses."

and the village is adjacent to the village after the elderly activity center, Chen Deqi said: "in order to enrich the leisure life of the elderly, the village elderly activity center built financing organization, the elderly to carry out dance, folk art performances, physical exercise, also opened a barber shop, canteen, great rich convenient old people the amateur life, since the elderly have their own paradise, mental state is better than before!"

"in the past, the village is usually full of soil, rain and snow everywhere mud. Cluttered litter problem is not solved. Since the implementation of village road hardening, remediation waste accumulation point six, the old landfill into a green lawn, also realizes the garbage delivery and regular cleaning, the villagers are very cherish this change not easily won, in front of their own garbage is cleaned up, the road, square, no littering." Chen Deqi told reporters.

63 year old villager Zhou Xianglan

said: "this committee is to do a lot of work for everyone, leading to the county bridge has become a dangerous bridge, passing vehicles and pedestrians is not safe, last year, in the county traffic bureau and county water authority under the support of the re construction of the bridge, now we travel to worry free."

for the village of 2027 people, the construction of beautiful countryside is not only to improve;

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