West District, Xining people’s Congress representatives of the National People’s Congress home visit

Xining West District People’s Congress House recently organized people’s Congress to carry out "zero distance service, home visits home into the home close to liberating activities.


2012 West District deputies house "was established, the delegates around the area of economic development, social welfare and the attention of the masses of hot and difficult issues, earnestly carry out monthly representative reception day activities, listen to the masses, collect suggestions and opinions, give full play to the National People’s Congress", as the representative of the consciousness of people the people ", the effective implementation of supervision and promote the work, to ensure better perform their duties on behalf of. Organization of 12 celebrities, representatives of the National People’s Congress to carry out the National People’s Congress received a voter visit. The delegates carefully listen to the demands of the masses, for the remediation of environmental pollution, public transportation, the "three noes" hospital building management, public toilets, street lighting and other aspects of setting 32 opinions and suggestions; 15 deputies visited the area of enterprise development, care about entrepreneurship and management condition, the enterprise has scientific planning and development. At the same time also carry out home visits to explain the creation of the city, the knowledge of the residents on behalf of the people’s livelihood construction, creating a city work golden idea". (author: Su Jianping Xi Tao)

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