Where do you live next to the school

many people’s homes are next to the school, so people want to use this resource to do small business. So, what do you do next to your home? So, on the school in the vicinity of the opening of several small shops, you do not need to pay attention to some of the following information? I believe that for your shop will be a great inspiration!

the print shop next to the University of the target consumer group should be no doubt in the student body. Now college students before graduation, should be carefully prepared submissions, and hundreds of dozens, hundreds, in order to find a husband on the talent market". Recommend the book to some extent represents a person’s quality, mimeograph of course not, and the laser Phototypesetting machines, copiers more expensive, the average person does not have the necessary equipment, but to resort to the printing service. Even in peacetime, the University wits more, papers, essays, novels and so on this paper to print, business is not bad.

[for near the school opened store type A: open letter published Pavilion]

[for near the school opened store type two: flower head Bay special snack shop]

The snack bar next to the University and high school

[for near the school opened store type three: open a repair shop]

[for near the school opened store type four: open a copy typing agency]

print shop investment is relatively high, but also have a certain cultural foundation and skills base. Middle school next to the print shop to the target consumer group should be positioned in this group of teachers. Many secondary schools, especially in rural areas, do not have the conditions for printing, but the papers are available every year, even every month, every week

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