To celebrate the eighteen harmonious community curtain today

sponsored by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Qinghai daily, west city newspaper hosted "to celebrate the eighteen harmonious community" activities, today in the Eastern District of Xining City Bayi Road Subdistrict Office Community in Taining was officially launched. At the same time, the "Amway Cup" Xining first civilized community selection activities also start.

according to the organizers responsible person, at the party’s eighteen big victory held an important moment held "harmonious community" activities, aims to send joy, send health, legal, warmth and effective way, as the party’s eighteen big victory is held to create a happy and harmonious social atmosphere.

at the same time, as the capital city of Qinghai, Xining, is trying to create a national civilized city, is to live in the city, the city of happiness. In this great process, the community as a city composed of cells, only every community civilization, harmony, the whole city will be civilized and harmonious. In Xining, the "harmonious community" activities, the purpose is to arouse the initiative of each unit as a consciousness, for the creation of activity acceleration, increase efforts.


hosted the event, and the joint Amway Corp held in Xining City, the first civilized community selection activities, is to carry out the mainstream media in the absence of social responsibility, not before the event, as the media responsibility to promote harmony and promote a city; actively practice the turn to go change, take the initiative to sink, and to build a harmonious community create a civilized.

"to celebrate the eighteen harmonious community" and the "Amway Cup" the 1st Xining civilized community scheme selection activities, once launched, because of the public welfare superior and Xining Street office, warmly welcome the community and support, business has also been actively responded.

held today in Taining garden first activity, Amway Corp will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, for the nearby residents of the same things in the law for the legal issues related to the residents to answer, Qinghai Sheng Kelly Culture Development Co. Ltd will bring wonderful performances for the residents. To run the event, Bayi Road Subdistrict Office held a special meeting to coordinate the relevant details, the office of the jurisdiction of the community, work together to mobilize the community to show the community stars, civilized and harmonious style.

"to celebrate the eighteen harmonious community" today at 10:30, the first show in Taining, will be doomed to brilliant, nearby residents welcome comment on the scene. (author: Li Yuejuan)

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