Xiadou authority online mobile phone client enable

July 7th, municipal organs held "xiadou authority online" mobile phone client on-line ceremony, to try to adapt to the new normal development of Party building, more convenient dissemination of the guidelines and policies of the party and ideological theory through the mobile phone of Party education and learning, enhance the service effect, to further consolidate and expand the party propaganda position.

"xiadou authority online" will give full play to the modern media, the wisdom of Party building cloud platform to create multi network and multi screen interactive, shared services through a unified maintenance, integration of resources, optimize the process and make party building work more efficient and more superior performance, more and more business information integration collaborative efforts will the work of Party building and the new generation of information technology to achieve symbiotic fusion, summer party building services available whenever and wherever possible.

"xiadou authority online" according to the organs of the party building work of Party members and cadres and workers and actual demand, combined with the characteristics of Xining development and life services, integration of "party building", "news focus" and "administrative efficiency", "into the summer", "elegant summer", "party assistant", "civilization" and "health", "Daily" 9 columns, as well as the "announcement", "micro community" and "individual center" and "my mobile" 4 Drawer window, clean interface, easy to operate.


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