Transportation system and the prosecution set up a clean and honest linkage mechanism

According to the provincial people’s Procuratorate and the Provincial Department of transportation to develop "on the traffic infrastructure construction to carry out the duty crime prevention work of the implementation of opinions", before the traffic system of 14 units were built with procuratorial organs "sunshine and clean" linkage mechanism.

at present, the province’s traffic construction is in the process of construction and development. Transport a large scale of investment, project links, long construction period and other characteristics, this year the province’s transportation infrastructure construction to be completed investment of 19 billion yuan, the next five years to complete the investment of more than 100 billion yuan, transportation construction field of crime prevention task is very heavy. Carry out traffic construction field of crime prevention duties, to maximize the containment and prevention of duty crimes, on the province’s transportation industry to achieve scientific development, rapid development has a very important significance and healthy development.

"opinions" clear, city and district procuratorate and the Provincial Department of transportation is 14 units to establish a linkage mechanism, the two sides should timely provision: the organization of training courses for the prevention of job-related crimes of professional training and warning education; in the new project construction, construction project resumption, the two sides set up by prevention of duty the leading group is responsible for the crime of construction project honest conversation; Department of transportation departments and office units subordinate to the procuratorial organs and the quarterly active contact time, take the initiative to report the unit of the Department to carry out crime prevention work. Procuratorial organs should further increase the intensity of legal supervision, and seriously investigate and deal with crimes committed by both sides in a timely manner to inform the investigation and prevention work, the establishment of the project filing system". (author: Ding Huijuan)


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