The next three days, the highest temperature in Xining reached 22 degrees Celsius

a lot of time in the province has finally ended the dry weather, but recently due to the provincial capital of Xining into the rainy period, so many people changed the short sleeved. Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the precipitation process has ended yesterday, the next three days, Xining will be sunny to cloudy weather. But there might be a shower in the afternoon.

April 28th, the Xining rain weather, after I enter the rainy period, especially from the beginning of May 7th, Xining heavy rains, as of 8 May 20, rainfall of 33.6 mm to 45.9 mm between the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County 8 days rainfall of 45.6 mm, a breakthrough in meteorological data since May the history of extreme precipitation. Qinghai meteorological station captain Zhang Jinong introduction, starting today, the temperature will gradually pick up, is expected in May 10th, in May 11th, Xining, the highest daily temperature of 22 degrees Celsius on the day of. (author: Wang Yalin)


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