Xining unique advantages in the development of service industry

Yesterday morning, the Xining municipal central study group held a meeting, invited the Shaanxi Midwest Economic Development Planning Research Institute researcher Zhang Xingxian, director of the Committee of experts on the topic of the report, "" Research on the development strategy of Xining service industry.

researcher Zhang Xingxian around eight affected the city service industry further development constraints, nine favorable conditions to support the development of our service industry, service industry and the development of our city in a period of path and mode, emphases, countermeasure and so on, are discussed in detail. Zhang Xingxian believes that Xining City, the service industry live city development strategy is a wise, rational choice. In his view, Xining vigorously develop the service industry, help accelerate the pace of development of resource consumption from Xining to low-carbon, green city of life, the pace of change in the city of happiness. Zhang Xingxian believes that the Qinghai Tibet Plateau as the central city of modernization in Xining, its geographical, climate, regional, three-dimensional space, humanities, resources and other advantages are unique, can not be copied. In particular, to fight for the country’s first comprehensive reform of the service sector, Xining is not easy. Not only shows that Xining has a lot of advantages in the development of the service sector, but also proved that Xining is committed to accelerating the development of the service sector confidence and determination.

I as the first national service industry one of the comprehensive reform pilot area, in the municipal services "living city" under the guidance of strategic policy, the city’s service industry has a rapid development, but still exist in the development of many problems and contradictions. Therefore, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, set up a research group, based on the full research, solicit opinions on the preparation of the completion of "the study on the development strategy of Xining service industry, to provide a basis for decision-making and macro guidance for the city to speed up the development of service industry. The researcher invited Zhang Xingxian to Nanjing for special reports, through the analysis and suggestions to expert development of the service industry in Xining, key path and mode etc., thus pioneering the development of ideas at a higher level and wider areas, to promote the rapid and healthy development of Xining service industry, to become a city of the prosperity of the market economy, the most active and effective the carrier to increase employment. (author: Shi Fei)


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