Xining to encourage the introduction of yellow cars ahead of the subsidy policy

maximum subsidy of 18000 yuan from the date of promulgation of this work program, to December 31, 2015 deadline for acceptance of

Qinghai news network to improve Xining city atmospheric environment quality, reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, encourage the yellow car out in advance, according to the "plan" action 2015 the comprehensive management of air pollution in the city of Xining, on the yellow car out in advance the implementation of the subsidy policy, made the following interpretation.

first, the scope of subsidies

(yellow) refers to the city in the administrative area of the city’s registration, pollutant emissions can not reach the national standard gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles can not meet the national standard III.

(two) refers to the yellow car out in advance, the yellow car has one of the following conditions for registration of all the yellow car sold to scrap vehicle recycling dismantling enterprises dismantling scrap processing:

1 has the use of the yellow car in advance of more than a year out of the

2 without the use of yellow cars obsolete.

(three) meets one of the following conditions to eliminate the vehicle, do not enjoy subsidies:

Yellow car

1 administrative units (including independent institutions);

2 state-owned enterprises (including state-owned companies, state-owned holding companies) of the yellow car;

April 30th

3.2016 years ago reached the mandatory retirement age of the vehicle;

4 yellow cars caused by traffic accidents and other natural causes, and

5 after the expiration of the validity of the inspection period of 3 consecutive motor vehicle inspection period did not get the motor vehicle inspection marks, etc., in accordance with the disposal of scrapped vehicles.

two, subsidy models and standard

Xining in 2015 ahead of the elimination of yellow cars, in accordance with the three models of trucks, buses, cars to give subsidies, the specific criteria for:

1 truck: heavy subsidies per vehicle of $18000; medium per vehicle subsidy of 13000 yuan; light subsidy of $9000 per vehicle; micro subsidy per unit of 6000 yuan.

2 bus: a large subsidy of 18000 yuan per vehicle; medium subsidy per unit of $11000; small (excluding cars) subsidy of $8000 per vehicle; micro (excluding cars) subsidy of $6000 per vehicle.

3 sedan: a displacement of more than 1.35 liters per vehicle subsidy of $16000; 1 liters (excluding) to a total of $1.35 (excluding) subsidy of $10000; 1 liters and the following displacement allowance of $6000 per vehicle.

4 has the use of the yellow car ahead of time for more than 5 years out of the use of non operating or non operating small, mini car class yellow car out of the above subsidies on the basis of each vehicle increased by $5000.

three, the application and review of the subsidy funds

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