High speed traffic police draw Mid Autumn Festival travel safety

9 month 13 days, reporters from the provincial high-speed traffic police detachment was informed that the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday highway free passage for the protection of the masses, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday travel holiday travel safe, high-speed traffic police with comprehensive judgments, take measures to ensure the safe, orderly and smooth area. Meanwhile, high-speed traffic police released the Mid Autumn Festival, two announced a tip".

traffic situation during the Mid Autumn Festival judged

it is understood that the Mid Autumn Festival holiday road passenger will be short car trips and visits home, highways around Xining city will usher in peak traffic, focus on the performance of private cars increased, scenic traffic will surge. From the previous traffic flow during the Mid Autumn Festival, is expected in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday before the holiday 14 days a day at 16 -20, the morning of September 15th, 8 pm to 12 pm, 13 September 17th to 19 when the road traffic will reach the peak, traffic will fall significantly at night. On the surface of the truck parallel, short distance travel (with Xining as the center of Huangyuan, Huangzhong, Guide, mutual aid, Datong, Ping An, Minhe, Ledu radiation) based traffic characteristics. Traffic accident is reflected in the form of the impact of the barrier, rear end collision.

high-speed traffic police tip: to avoid the peak period and easy to block roads, peak travel more smoothly. During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, G6 Beijing Tibet expressway, west highway, West Huang highway, West cross level 1 highway trunk highway traffic will be greatly increased.

Mid Autumn Festival high-speed traffic information

during the Mid Autumn Festival, need to pay attention to the following sections of the traffic accident caused a traffic jam, 1711km-1713km+800m G6 high-speed Beijing Tibet from Ledu to Ma Chang Yuan, a total length of 2800 meters, table 1#, 2# for dry tunnel, the tunnel prone to wounding, rear end of road traffic accidents. 1719km-1722km+500m G6 at the Beijing Tibet highway from Ledu to Ma Chang Yuan, a total length of 3500 meters, mainly for 1#, 2# laoyacha tunnel and Luban Tunnel Bridge pavilion, the import and export of easy water, prone to road traffic accidents. Beijing Tibet highway 1820km, here is a large unitary mountain tunnel, a total length of 2.5 km, the tunnel lights are dark, in case of rain prone to water in the import and export, excessive speed and rear end accidents and accidents. West Gate Expressway Huangzhong County export 18km+200m everywhere in the long downhill, and there is a certain amount of curve, the speed is faster, when the motor vehicle to get back here is prone to reverse traffic accidents. Beijing Tibet Expressway Chaoyang to the airport section of 1795km-1797km, here is a long gentle slope, curve, vehicle downhill faster, and in front of the curve is likely to cause rear end accidents. Rhyme ieguchi toll station five fork in the road, during the holidays in the waiting and others more vehicles, prone to collisions between pedestrians and vehicles rub accident. Vehicles and pedestrians in the urban areas within the parking or waiting, do not stay in the highway entrance.

holiday travel precautions

in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the province’s rainfall is too much, in the wet road, please reduce the speed of driving, keep the safety of the car;

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