Public comment CEO Zhang Tao the next nternet giant was born in O2O

public comment CEO Zhang Tao recently sent to employees of the company’s internal mail, to congratulate the new year and the company’s development prospects for 2014. Zhang Tao said, O2O has become the Internet hot words in 2013, and the future will continue to heat up in 2014, because through the Internet, especially mobile Internet to change the depth of service line under the Internet is a big trend, the next Internet giant will be born from.

Zhang Tao also said that public comment in 2014 will speed up again. Business layout needs to be faster, more radical, because the competition will be more intense. The message also pointed out that the public comment talent gap is very large, the development of a lot of business is not fast because the staff is not in place. (munan)

the following public comment CEO Zhang Tao 2014 New Year message text:

everyone comment,

today is the first working day, 2014 New Year! The past year we have seen many changes, many still sees ten years, such as the beginning of September BU and November on-line merchants score 10 points. These changes, big or small, indicate our determination to change. In the new round of rapid development of business and increasingly fierce competition in the environment, only the continuous self transformation can make us become more powerful, to seize the opportunity to complete our vision and mission!

we locate local living consumption, and hope that through the Internet to connect consumers and businesses, improve the quality of life of consumers, to promote the development of the line service industry. This position and vision we adhere to ten years, but also allows us to have the industry’s most resources and advantages. Synonymous with the O2O industry has become the Internet hot words in 2013, and the future will continue to heat up in 2014, because through the Internet, especially mobile Internet service industry to change the depth of the line is the next big trend of the Internet, an Internet giant also will from birth.

in 2013, through the target plan and the adjustment of the organizational structure and the input of each colleague and pay, we promote the rapid development of the business. After a year of efforts, we have reached the most competitive areas in the field of our group to curb the strategic purpose of the 1-2 line market share success became the first super. In 2014, we will fully attack, in addition to continue to suppress the 1-2 line in the city, we will be in full swing 3-4 line city, full attack.

but we’re not just a group buying company. In 2013, especially in the BU after our business layout is more clear and the floor, horizontal line with large group purchase and promotion, booking, information, delivery, is the industry’s only able to fully meet the needs of the company of merchants and users. In the vertical field, in addition to our traditional marriage we idle away in seeking pleasure, spin off, also strong cut hotel business, the two business in 2014. We have a very big expectations. In addition to these, we still have a lot of action, I will

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