Huangzhong county to strengthen the management of the new County civilization dress

this year, Huangzhong county actively create a civilized Huangzhong, increase urban construction funds, pay close attention to the appearance of the town of town appearance comprehensive renovation illegal construction supervision and environmental sanitation cleaning work, the county and the key towns landscape has changed significantly.

it is understood that the first county to County Street enterprises and the full implementation of the "shop in front of three" responsibility system at the same time, vigorously remediation of illegal violations and "psoriasis" regulation, the county surrounding environment and the township environmental sanitation fenpianbaogan implementation of the regional system, ensure the county and the Township environmental health people catch someone tube. From staff inspection group, the main sections of the county daily health cleaning inspection found problems, timely feedback regulation, no regular way to take months of waiting to carry out remediation. The implementation of regional environmental health fenpianbaogan responsibility and territorial management, the requirements of each unit, stores a garbage bag, container, do not refuse landing, and increase efforts to investigate heaps, littering behavior. The investment of human and mechanical equipment for loading standardized landfill and garbage treatment, every three days for a disinfection, deratization Mieying, regular delivery of drugs, with the compression type garbage truck closed collection and transportation of garbage, the garbage closed, avoid littering, and along the road leading to the phenomenon of indiscriminate dumping of garbage dumps around, and the road on both sides of the plastic bags and other garbage pick up regular cleaning. At the same time, the county has also taken to strengthen the county environmental sanitation management, health management, urban and rural environmental remediation of kitchen waste management, outdoor advertising management measures of cleaning, dress up the county actively. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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