Our province adhere to the six oriented training principles to fill the short board of health care r

comprehensive health care reform pilot work, the shortage of talent is the biggest short board reform. I adhere to the principle of training six "unified planning, grading, implementation, focus, vigorously implement the health personnel training" plan ", and strive to create not only stay, and use the health planning personnel.

it is understood that the six main principles of training is to train the training model based. Efforts to innovate training model to clinical teaching and training as a means to enhance business capacity. Training related to the content of basic general practitioner training and training general practitioners in community practice, residency training, county medical institutions, backbone personnel training, training, business training, rural doctors and women two cancer screening project. Two training methods in the medium and long term. According to the basic needs of the work, the development of medium and long term training plan, a comprehensive promotion of key disciplines, key personnel business ability to a new level. Three is the main target of training personnel. The training objects in the county, township and Village Grassroots personnel as the key, according to the actual demand of grassroots, the general practitioners, and backbone physicians, grading clinics, immunization, clinicians, maternal and child health, inspection and quarantine, imaging technology, nursing knowledge, in Tibetan medicine, anesthesia professional, rural doctors, health literacy, public hospital reform chronic disease prevention and control, training content. Four is to broaden the professional content of the main training. Pay attention to the training of professional and technical personnel in basic medical and health institutions, focusing on basic public health and public health services. The five is the training level to multi-channel. With international and domestic exchanges and cooperation platform, the middle and high level of professional and technical personnel sent in batches, sub level training, to master the latest advances in medical technology at home and abroad. Six is to ensure that the training funds to support. The main sources of funding from the provincial government, the national health and Family Planning Commission project funding, self financing health care institutions, counterpart aid unit funding, such as domestic foundations and other social groups to invest in multiple channels.


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