Buy a car or made good and Anhui car market

car has been greatly popular in our life, many families have their own cars, provides a great convenience to go out, but when the car purchase, many consumers expressed doubts, don’t know which to buy the car is better? In October 12th, Changan automobile Hefei base 100000th downline and Hefei Research Institute of the opening ceremony was held in Hefei assembly plant in Changan. Domestic auto market demand is further released." Anhui Automobile Industry Association official said.

according to public reports show that in the first half of 2016, some of the products of Chery showed some weakness. In March this year listed Yi Ruize 5 rising trend, as of June this year has reached 25378 vehicles on the card. Chery Tiggo 7 high hopes, hopes it can reverse the decline; Jianghuai, the first half of the card volume growth of 21.64%, among them, the Jianghuai refine S3 keep small SUV sales first, refine S2 into the ranks of the top twenty. Some analysts said: JAC through the upgrading of small SUV upgrade, the siege of Changan and Japan, to maintain a leading position in the field."

passenger car as a strategic base in Changan, from 1 to September this year, Hefei, Changan has a total production of 117 thousand, an increase of up to 155.7%, the output value of $5 billion 720 million, an increase of 215%. Changan car sales performance is good, this year 1 ~ September cumulative sales of 2 million 197 thousand, an increase of 8.2%, in the domestic car sales of the first phalanx.

Changan automobile production base in Hefei to accelerate the growth of deep reasons. Huang Zhongqiang, vice president of Changan automobile believes that, from a geographical point of view, Hefei, vice president of the Yangtze River Delta, has a wealth of intellectual resources reserves. Can radiate to the East as the center of the Chinese most developed economy area, high-speed rail transportation hub can rely on Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai and Anhui developed auto parts and supporting system, at the same time close to the supply chain and the market, with the dual advantages of logistics and manpower.

from the function and price, whether it is the two major Anhui automobile manufacturers recently launched a new car or Changan Hefei base production of the main models, are required to meet the needs of working-class family car." Anhui automobile industry association responsible person believes that domestic cars in the price range of 100 thousand yuan, the largest number of potential consumers, but the price range of the market competition is also fierce. Who is richer, more comfortable, more favorable price, it will attract the favor of consumers."

in the first half of this year, the province’s auto industry above scale industrial added value of 27 billion 880 million yuan, an increase of 15.5%, the main business income of $122 billion 410 million, an increase of 15.7%, profit of $4 billion 280 million, an increase of 31.1%. In the first half of the production and sales of the situation, in September this year, the province’s automobile production and sales than recommended

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