Qinghai provincial government to improve the effectiveness of the proposed system

12 8, the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on the provincial people’s government for the eleven session of the four meeting of the notification of the situation since the twenty-two session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people. Since the eleven session of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of the four meeting of the government system to deal with the proposal of the 316, have all been scheduled to do. Among them, have been resolved or adopted in 130, accounting for 41.1%; the questions included in the plan to gradually solve or adopt 154 pieces, accounting for 48.8%; due to the limitation of current conditions, the questions for 32 reference, accounting for 10.1%. Satisfaction rate, the adoption rate, the implementation rate has improved compared to last year.

provincial government has always attached great importance to the proposal for the work, the main leadership has repeatedly stressed that government departments system to perform their duties responsibly, continuous improvement proposals for recommendations, improve the quality of the handling, in order to promote the work of the government. Vice governor of the United States seriously coordinate and solve difficulties and problems encountered in the work, and actively promote the smooth development of the work. Provincial government to strengthen the coordination of the office of the office, the initiative to strengthen communication and liaison with the provincial CPPCC general office and the relevant units, timely feedback on the results of the proposal, to discuss ways to improve management. Strive to make members satisfied, let the masses benefit.

for the CDNCA Qinghai Provincial Committee proposed "grasp the new opportunities The Belt and Road", creating Qinghai economy upgrade version of the map "proposal, the office of the provincial government intervention initiative, strengthen consultation and channel development and Reform Commission, commerce, finance, finance and other departments and relevant areas through contractors, conscientiously implement the provincial government optimization import and export trade, trade structure and stable strategic deployment, actively implement the independent brand development plan, focusing on cultivating the Tibetan carpet, Thangka and other 10 characteristics of export product brand, to caojiabao bonded logistics center closed the operation.

government system of the undertaker of innovative ideas, and strive to improve the effectiveness of the work, combined with the actual work, the establishment of a management system with the characteristics of industry and sector. The provincial education, housing construction, water conservancy, forestry and other units, supervision and implementation of competent contractors "system of job responsibility three-in-one"; the provincial public security department has established a special working group for the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry; apply to establish ledger, the implementation of monthly supervision system; Provincial Tourism Development Committee established management Liaison Committee, the financial system; human resources and social security, land and resources, finance and other units of the provincial development and reform proposals for the work will be included in the annual target responsibility assessment, for proposals for work to provide a strong guarantee.

government system to strengthen the investigation and analysis of the various contractors to enhance the effectiveness of. In the process of the Revolutionary Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the "on the further improvement of disabled persons living allowances and subsidies for severe disabilities care proposal", the provincial Civil Affairs Department has organized personnel to the investigation, on a scientific basis, formulated the "opinions" on the establishment of disabled persons living allowance and severe disabilities care subsidy system the time for 115 thousand disabled persons and 85 thousand severe disabilities allocated two provincial subsidies 170 million yuan.

each contractor area to strengthen communication with members of the communication, and strive to do before worship;

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