Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau to strengthen the clean government and promote the styl

2008, Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau of the clean government work in a prominent position, early arrangements, early deployment, through strengthening the education, improve the system, strengthen supervision and inspection, effectively change the work style of cadres, promoting the construction of a clean government, has made new achievements.

strengthen education, improve self-discipline consciousness. Discipline inspection group of the use of learning days and early reading time on the laws and regulations, honest government, rules and regulations and other knowledge of the centralized system to explain the guidance. Through the study, the cadres and workers of education to strengthen self-discipline, improve self-discipline consciousness, in working life has always been strict with themselves, consciously abide by the law and discipline, and civilized law enforcement, clean and efficient, warm and thoughtful service.

improve the system, clear responsibilities. In order to fulfill the requirements of style building, the branch to improve the early reading system, standardize the regular meeting system, strict attendance system, starting from the trivial, from the start bit by bit. Through the improvement, standardization and implementation of the system, it is effective to solve the problems such as poor time concept, procrastination, unclear responsibilities and so on. Early reading activities, adhere to the authorities to learn the day to call the class situation, the late and no reason not to participate in the study of comrades criticized education, and announced attendance, strengthen supervision.

strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the effectiveness of style building. Discipline inspection team in accordance with the requirements of the Party group, to carry out inspection and supervision work. In the examination of serious and responsible, not afraid of offending people, itemized by people to check, found the problem, do not hide, do not evade, timely criticism and education, and ordered to limit correction. Period, the discipline inspection team and the total number of inspection agencies 21 times, found that the problem of 5.

by grasping style building, at present, branch staff thought clear, working style, full of energy, high quality of service, to successfully carry out the work to lay a good foundation. (author: Deng guards Kong Linfeng)


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