Xining health infrastructure for the new year to fight for special funds 180 million

Xining City Health Bureau this year will increase efforts to fight and implement health projects, and further promote the construction of health infrastructure to a new level.

it is understood that the City Health Bureau will strive to complete the project in place and capital respectively this year: continue to increase the city, two city, three city hospital building, city hospital business building, Datong County and Huangyuan county hospital construction projects and the construction of community health service projects such as construction work, and to ensure that this year at the end of the completion of delivery; and in place for the completion of all kinds of project grants 180 million yuan of special funds, so this part of the special subsidies for the amount of growth of 20% over the previous year; strive for the construction of city community health service center and Huangzhong County People’s hospital building construction project. At the same time, speeding up the township construction and reconstruction of dilapidated buildings and maintenance work; the implementation of the central and provincial special funds 12 million yuan, the new rural sanitary toilet seat 20000; with the support of relevant departments, the city CDC transformation and distribution room, to ensure the normal operation of the city CDC P2 biological safety laboratory of large and medium-sized equipment.


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