Xining to build 3+6 social management model

"city of life, the city of happiness" is the development goal of Xining, the goal is to make Xining social stability, people live and work in peace and contentment. Reporters from the November 13th meeting of the provincial Commission for the evaluation of Xining City 2012 annual social management work report that, since this year, Xining city put forward the comprehensive management of social management mode of Xining – "3+6" mode of social management in the past on the basis of the 143 communities in Xining city is divided into 1037 responsibility to provide high-quality mesh. Service. In this model, the level of social management in Xining, social security environment has been greatly improved, people’s sense of well-being, security has been enhanced.

"3+6" social management mode is the mode of social management consists of service management platform, the information grid of urban community is the technical support of the three social service management platform, centralized government service platform and by a comprehensive management of social security system, social stability risk assessment mechanism, working mechanism, emergency public emergency to resolve the disputes disposal mechanism, interests expression mechanism, social security mechanism management of basic six social management mechanism.

in operation, relying on the Xining community foundation, Xining City 143 communities are divided into 1037 grid integration streets, community responsibility, and social organizations, within the grid "people, places and things, love things, all included in the grid, to carry out the conflict mediation, public security guard and community service, to combat illegal crime fine management service. Since the start of the 3+6 social management model, mediation and conflict in Xining 9321 cases, mediation success of the 9039, mediation success rate of 96.97%, will resolve the contradictions in the bud. At the same time, the County Public Security Bureau police station of Xining City, the 40 set up a monitoring center in Xining City, key units, key areas, key sites installed 8502 monitoring network security situation, all-round monitoring of these places, gradually reduce the number of cases of public security.

the next step, Xining will continue to deepen the "3+6" mode of social management, the full implementation of informatization as the leading Xining City, county, township (street), community (Village) four grid community service management platform, to "12th Five-Year" at the end, the basic realization of Xining city basic level social service management system cover. (author: Wu Yachun)

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