Xining air pollution control Henzhao

In the future, the comprehensive pollution control work will be incorporated into the leading bodies and leading cadres of the district and municipal responsible units of the annual target responsibility assessment (performance), in order to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining City, promote the continuous improvement of environmental air quality. This is the reporter from the Xining city in November 11th to do the news.

it is understood that the comprehensive management of air pollution in the new "assessment" made it clear that the implementation of the monthly assessment of the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining City, to percentile points and informed the monthly assessment results and rankings. If there is not complete the comprehensive management of air pollution and the overall arrangements for the division of tasks according to the time limit responsibility area, the lead unit and the responsible units, or not according to the time limit for the relevant inspection and supervision matters and other circumstances, will make the target early warning notification and deduct the corresponding month daily assessment score. Meanwhile, the slow progress of the work, the implementation of the responsibility is not in place, constitute the case of accountability, in strict accordance with the relevant accountability approach accountability.

at the same time, the way clear, comprehensive assessment of the results of air pollution control work as a leading group to adjust the selection and use of leading cadres and education, supervision, reward and discipline important basis. The unit in two consecutive daily assessment and year-end assessment scores ranked last ranked bottom of the region, or by accountability processing area, unit and responsible person in the comprehensive management of air pollution, cancel the leadership in the target responsibility assessment (performance) and leading cadres assessment Pingyoupingxian qualifications. Since the implementation of the measures, Xining air quality in the country’s key cities in the monthly or quarterly rankings, if included in the latter 10, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau annual work to implement a veto". (author: young Li Zhao Huigang)


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