Xining service enterprises operating difficulties

days ago, reporters from the Xining National Bureau of investigation team was informed that from January to May this year, small and micro service enterprises sample survey, 232 of production, the demise of the 451 sample enterprises in Xining City, the death rate was 51.44%. At present, most of the Xining city service industry Small and micro businesses in the start-up and growth stage, restricted by the external economic environment and rising operating costs, financing difficulties, personnel mobility speed and other factors, the sample unit operating in poor condition, the loss of business coverage.

according to the analysis, the main reason for the small and micro enterprises in the service industry is the high rate of extinction, small enterprises, the ability to resist risks is weak, affected by the external environment changes, it is difficult to survive in the fierce competition in the market for a long time. From the data, from January to May, the normal business of 219 sample companies, asset size of less than 5 million yuan, there are 205, accounting for the total number of 93.6%. And the loss of many enterprises, wide coverage. Survey staff also found that the normal operation of enterprises, the loss of enterprises reached 99, accounting for the total number of 45%.

in addition, the survey also found that the investigation of the existence of a high rate of assets and liabilities in the case of corporate risk management, debt ratio has exceeded the recognized safety limits. (author: Yang Jian)

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