Standardized management of urban and rural subsistence allowances in Xining

North District of Xining City, always adhere to the people-oriented governing concept, people’s livelihood, attaches great importance to guaranteeing the work of urban and rural areas, to further promote the urban and rural work standardization management, make the people satisfied with the "sunshine subsistence allowances".

Xining City North District to increase the intensity of training, and strive to do a good job of urban and rural construction of qualified personnel. Through the development of special training sessions, exchange of experience and other activities, the city’s urban and rural subsistence allowances for staff training and multi-level education, and effectively improve the quality of service and efficiency of the basic level staff. At the same time to carry out the staff to visit the household activities, and actively promote the national minimum living standards for the poor people in detail to explain the application of the relevant procedures to help poor people to solve practical difficulties. North of the city is also constantly improve the system of norms, to achieve standardized management of subsistence allowances. Strict implementation of the joint meeting, guaranteeing the work minimum monthly household income declaration, guaranteeing that the object separation remote acceptance and other related systems, to play the role of community residents democratic appraisal organization, earnestly implement the minimum target housing, medical care, children’s education and other aspects of social assistance policies, mobilize all social forces to participate in security work, gradually formed the working mechanism of government departments, social participation, cooperation, to jointly promote the rural work. North of the city in the work of urban and rural subsistence allowances continue to strengthen the sense of integrity, to create sunshine subsistence allowances". To further strengthen the sense of responsibility, put into the clean government to urban and rural residents work, strengthen supervision and management, standardize procedures, and effectively guaranteeing the review open and fair and reasonable, and resolutely put an end to violations of the various forms, to create "sunshine subsistence allowances, better services for the difficulties of the masses, and promote social harmony stable. (author: Cui Yongtao)


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