Xining Public Security Bureau intelligent traffic management system was officially opened

at 11 a.m. on May 23rd.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau command center.

is located in the center of the command center on the big screen, a license plate number for the green A3842X driving motor vehicles on the road, the vehicle driver pulled out a mobile phone, the phone. His illegal behavior was immediately captured by surveillance equipment. A license plate number for the green A838xx Beverly taxi driver not wearing a seatbelt. At the same time, in Xining, the Yellow River Road, the Yangtze River Road, 54 Avenue, a number of motor vehicle driving line, illegal overtaking.

illegal driving behavior of these drivers were recorded on the intelligent traffic management system.

May 23rd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau press conference: Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment intelligent traffic management system was officially opened. May 24th to June 24th, the public security traffic police department will be on the motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians to promote the introduction of this system. From July 1st onwards, the public security traffic management department will carry out data collection, information dissemination and other work, and penalties for traffic violations.

traffic police detachment responsible person, this system in the Xining area has set up road monitoring camera equipment 117 sets, 19 adaptive traffic signal intersection, traffic signal network machine 23, set the LED induced screen 5, the new set of electronic police road port 31.

these monitoring points in addition to monitoring the city’s primary and secondary roads, but also to monitor the city access to the bayonet and key security venues, set a higher density, the formation of a point, line, face the overall combination. The monitoring device can timely and clearly will be in Xining city the main intersection, the downtown area, the traffic flow of key sites and personnel transferred to the command hall display, easy to command personnel to grasp the dynamic information is reliable, accurate, timely adjustment of technical parameters for red light, timely and accurate release issued instructions traffic information, fast traffic, rapid processing of traffic violations, traffic accidents and public security cases, so as to improve the traffic capacity of the road.

The construction of

intelligent traffic management system, the new electronic police lights automatically capture 31 junctions, can effectively capture the vehicle against the signal, lane and other illegal activities. At the same time, the monitoring point and road section, can be collected, admission and static traffic and dynamic road activities, the manual way, in a certain range of vehicles free parking, free U-turn, reverse driving, riding the center line of driving, driving without a seat belt when driving, mobile phone and telephone call, answer according to the provisions of turning, violation of traffic signs and markings and other actions to implement video capture and query of the fake brand, vehicle deck online, at any time to master the robbery suspect vehicle accident, and vehicle dynamic escape.

31 junctions set up electronic police

Xining City, a total of 31 sets of electronic police automatically capture the intersection of the road, the more than and 100 direction.


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