West District Xining City RS GA Zhuang branch to carry out special activities warning education

recently, the IRS Tax Service Hall of Xining City West District quickly implemented, fully understand and implement the construction of a clean government, to strengthen the team construction as the starting point, to enhance the tax service work.

Based on the actual

, and constantly improve the level of service, pay close attention to the "soft" business counseling and training, job training to carry out the window, the window to strengthen personnel job operating skills, improve the ability of personnel to further strengthen the tax window, window integration efficiency. To create a fast and convenient service response platform, establish "collection – Analysis – Implementation – feedback" of the tax service tax service response mechanism, earnestly needs survey, a comprehensive understanding of the diversification efforts to meet the reasonable needs of taxpayers, taxpayers understand on tax legal requirements, grasp of the specific needs of the tax policy, the tax process convenient and efficient demand to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the demand. Strengthen internal management, improve service quality. In the tax service to achieve the use of the term civilization, abide by the rules and regulations, the implementation of the civil service". In the service to consultation to answer fast, fast, fast processing of tax procedures, strictly for all kinds of matters in the service commitment period. Efforts in the service identification standard, service behavior, service quality system standard, the tax standard and other aspects of efforts to create a civilized and efficient working environment.


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