Knight website profit model

has a lot of comments on hao123, when it was sold to Baidu in 2004 to 11 million 900 thousand yuan in the stock price of 40000 yuan, causing people to the site navigation website. Hao 123 site is a web site navigation, the site consists of a simple static HTML format web pages, basically no technical content. But it sold at high prices, it is their profit model by all kinds of advertising alliance.

its profit model is to rely on the flow of revenue for the advertising model. Its success lies in its traffic and why it is so large, this is the core of the success of this site. For this point, Wang Tong in the analysis of the hao123 site to do a detailed and thoughtful analysis:

first, it was established earlier, in May 1995 was established, set up early, cut a good opportunity.

two is a good location, just learning to use the Internet as people like to use the site navigation portal into the Internet, to meet the needs of Chinese Internet users.

three is a high development strategy, including the promotion of human language prompts, set up their own web site, bring traffic to each other.

hao123 belongs to the standard portal, the portal is through its transit link to a service of a site, the number of its profit model is a transit link (CTR) on the site between the realization of interests, such early portals may adopt the form of obligation, to achieve click a certain amount of. Naturally, the agreement will be charged in the form of a fee. That’s the case.

a profit model of traditional economy and network economy is focused on the needs of customers, so the core of hao123 is to meet customer needs and customer stability around themselves, producing hits. The development of such sites should be to seize the development of the specific stage of the Internet market segmentation, to help users solve the web site memory and retrieval of the actual difficulties of this segment of the market, so as to achieve their own.

according to the application, the network search to solve two major search problems, one is the key word, the two is the site navigation. Hao123 is the latter, it should be said that when everyone is staring at the search engine, it is sensitive to find the other half of the search engine market. However, the development of the network economy today, in addition to have been achieved, but also like this pure online service has been difficult to find room for growth.

Knight station:’s profit model is also in the practice of similar to the "stumbling, toil, learning by doing" in the gradual formation of their own unique positioning and return portfolio.

to talk about my own experience to come into contact with the enterprise BP– written business plan: in general, the "business model" and "market analysis" of two chapters, generally do not look carefully, to scan a rough eye, will not be subject to the "

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