Xining city tax bureau to implement the self-employed computer quota system

The State Taxation Bureau of Xining city

Qinghai news network will launch the "self-employed computer quota appraisal system, to strengthen the tax administration of the individual industrial and commercial households, individual industrial and commercial households quota standard approved work, improve the scientificalness and accuracy of the approved quota, to achieve the" sunshine tax".

in order to solve the current fixed contradictions and problems existing in the management, standardize the work of individual constant tax reduction, individual industrial and commercial households fixed verification and adjustment in the work of subjectivity and arbitrariness, realization of individual industrial and commercial households tax approved "fair, open and fair", the State Administration of Taxation decided in the nationwide implementation of the approved use of computer fixed way. This system is the tax authorities on the basis of the typical survey, using scientific methods, all the factors affecting the production and operation of the industry classification screening, analysis, research and evaluation of the factors and the relationship between operating income and the degree of influence of the tax quota calculation.


system is implemented, the tax authorities can accurately grasp each individual industrial and commercial households, the actual operation and management differences, taxpayers can also through a comprehensive understanding of the system approved tax basis, standard, process and result, tax amount, stop opening query other base, is conducive to the formation of mutual restriction mechanism supervision. (author: Xiao Gang Yuan Yuhong)


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