The City District Environmental Protection Bureau four chuangxianzhengyou activities to inspire the

In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres and workers to District Environmental Protection Bureau, recently launched four chuangxianzhengyou activities: one is that the solicitation of opinions, to carry out

in order to further stimulate the cadres and workers to enthusiasm, Central Environmental Protection Bureau recently launched four chuangxianzhengyou activities: is a call for proposals to carry out the activities of opinions. from different levels and angles, widely solicit opinions and suggestions from all levels of environmental protection work, and strive to identify problems, explore ways to solve the problem. two is to carry out activities pingxianpingyou. in the global scope regularly organize and carry out the "four top ten" Pingxianpingyou activities. Namely: the selection of "top ten", "top ten outstanding leader of bureau of outstanding Department (team), the person in charge of the" top ten "," top ten outstanding staff "excellent job skills pacesetter advanced, striving for success, and provide the impetus for the global staff to be. three is carried out on the standard activity. global cadres and workers in their respective jobs benchmarking, accountability and commitment; closely combined with the actual work, determine the calibration target, make clear the standard carry measures; concrete measures and operational requirements. four is to carry out learning activities. strongly advocates the study and reading activities with the main contents of "learning the business, studying the laws and regulations, learning science and technology", and raises the quality of the cadres and workers to adapt to the new situation of environmental protection.



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