Xining second outstanding achievements in technological innovation

in November 4th, from the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions of the news, second Xining city workers outstanding technology innovation award announced, recommended after reporting, formal review, expert review and selection of the leadership group meeting approved, ultimately, vegetable seedling technology innovation and application, Xining city building lighting intelligent control project and copper ingot casting process the technology of 3 projects won first prize.

Xining City Union official said, since the selection activities, Xining city workers to participate actively, all enterprises and institutions to carry out technological innovation, technology research, technology development, energy saving and emission reduction, inventions and other mass activities of technological innovation, technological innovation workers competing to emerge, received relates to recommend project food, electronics materials, gas equipment, garden planting, vehicle maintenance, building energy conservation, medical treatment, teaching, energy utilization, agricultural technology promotion innovation 61, winning a total of 31 projects. The award-winning projects in the field of production technology to solve their problems, improve product quality, energy saving and other aspects of innovation. (author: Zhao Junjie Bao Minwen)

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