Xining will expand the scale of financing small and medium enterprises to implement the growth proje

Listing is the best proof of the strength of enterprises. In August 10th, the reporter learned that, in order to allow enterprises to have more room for development, Xining will expand the scale of direct financing, small and medium sized enterprises "development project", the establishment of companies listed on the reserve reserves, accelerating the pace of listed companies.Preliminary establishment of

in Xining city’s "growth system", the key enterprises in Qinghai Zhengping group and Qinghai Jieshen Equipment Group Co Ltd on the list. Qinghai Mount Everest pharmaceutical, Naka Hiroshio has the potential advantage of grain and other listed companies also entered the key support range, Xining city will enhance the level of technology and equipment, improve the competitive ability of these enterprises to promote the listing process. In the specific implementation, the implementation of the Xining will be classified guidance, dynamic management, the formation of a number of training, reporting a batch, issued a number of listed reserve echelon. Encourage listed companies to improve the comprehensive competitiveness and market financing capacity through mergers and acquisitions, to guide the listed companies to make full use of the capital increase, equity pledge financing, warrants and other tools for refinancing, bigger and stronger enterprise capital, enhance the vitality of enterprise development.

at the same time, Xining city also encourage and support financial institutions to actively carry out institutional innovation, organization innovation, product and service innovation, technology innovation, bank credit support to the advantage of industry, emerging industries, high-tech, high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises and social livelihood undertakings tilt, promote the optimization of credit structure, ordered the elimination of high pollution and low efficiency such as backward production capacity, promote industrial upgrading, change the mode of development. To create a combination of policy guidance and market regulation, private capital and state-owned capital to complement each other, the policy guarantee and commercial guarantee mutual promotion and common development of the security system. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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