Xining public security organs at all levels, visit the people practice to achieve practical results

from the "visit" activities carried out since the Edmonton, Xining city public security organs at all levels to start small, start from the people most concerned about things, in solving practical problems of relentless efforts, so that the "visit" activities have achieved the effectiveness of edmonton.

visits in Xining City, the public security organs at the grass-roots level, in-depth practical, the masses, into the countryside, into the community, into the enterprise, into the family, through home visits the unemployed, low-income people with difficulties in life, such as widows and the needy elderly grasp their basic situation, to provide support, help and service they have, for the masses to solve practical problems 267, 320 people visited the poor people, 8 people visited the focus of petition. The branch of the police organization to "the ancient city of Nanchuan road home" to visit the elderly, to the elderly to buy more than and 100 sets of cotton gloves and socks, and the establishment of a long-term work and home service relationship. East branch with the relevant departments in close cooperation, and properly solve the petition for up to six years of disputes.

visits in the event, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to expand the depth of the various units to visit, take the initiative to find all kinds of contradictions and disputes, and strive to find contradictions and disputes in the bud. They went deep into the area of factories and mines, enterprises and institutions, 95 things for the enterprise to do a good job, to resolve conflicts and disputes and remediation security risks from the 160. Mutual construction project Department of the West due to the arrears of wages of migrant workers, resulting in more than and 300 migrant workers petition, the district police station in a timely manner and the coordination of the Municipal Labor Bureau, the arrears of wages of $about 4000000 to the hands of migrant workers. In the process of home visits, the police also seriously listen to their opinions and suggestions on the prevention work area safety, analyze the rules and characteristics of criminal activity, found the weak link prevention work, through strengthening patrols, improve public safety awareness and self prevention measures to organize the masses, to weave a control network, constantly to improve the social security prevention and control ability. According to actual situation of public places, shopping malls, banks, the downtown district, remote road, square, cafes, restaurants and other multiple robberies, pickpocketing, public security, criminal investigation, police, supervisor and other departments in conjunction with the district police station, guidance and supervision units to actively implement air defense, prevention and protection measures. Through the investigation, to overcome major cases and 64 cases of sexual assault, arrested robbery, theft of the existing 56.

the police also strengthen the publicity and education of public security, knowledge of traffic laws and regulations, strengthen the masses consciously abide by the law and use the law to safeguard their rights consciousness, carry out the delivery of law into the community, streets, factories and mines, under the village activities, formulated 98 measures to benefit the organization, the Police Association, "police open day", "meet the policing and other activities.


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