Some problems of Wangzhuan NEW

is mainly for this type of money do not do a bit of analysis, we have time to look at it, no time to collect, and so have time to look at.

1 because of the unknown Internet technology, feel helpless, thus giving up.

I brought out a lot of successful Wangzhuan entrepreneurs, these successful people are mainly two kinds of people, one is a college student or graduate, they are familiar with the network environment, the technology is not very good, but very familiar to the network, and free time more than a strong learning ability, the key is to copy ability so, when new projects launched, they will be the first time rushed to perform. Another class is on the ground to do business is relatively successful, when they enter the network, their management model and model are applied to the network. For example, do not understand technology, they would go to the recruitment of technical personnel, do not understand the project, they will have to spend money to buy even to call this is the two visit, I found the phenomenon of successful network.

the same project, why university students and businessmen to be able to do, and most people can not do it? Is not done, but most people don’t act, no action is not reluctant to make money, but I do feel unable to start, take the English station to promote the GOOGLE project in terms of learning of college students the ability is very strong, they soon learned to set up a simple CMS website, so they can quickly move, the merchants need to see business opportunities, they will soon go to hire someone to help his site, so these two types of people can quickly make the station was built up, and because most people do not understand technology, they are in the habit of what is done by themselves, so they are busy to study construction, then think of this project technology is too difficult, so I gave up.

50% do network didn’t come over because of technical barriers, because of their style of doing things accustomed to what things to yourself, not what you want to learn, actually this is wrong, not what to do, to allow others to complete their own do things for themselves. In the group, I often ask some friends, what have you been up to? How to build some of them said in the study, some people in some basic training, and they are willing to come up with money is rarely willing to look for someone else to do the job, many people think that time is not the cost, the purpose is to save those people looking for take the technical fees, actually this is wrong style.

so there are two successful network Entrepreneurs: (1) the success of the network can be copied. (2) what you can’t do, find someone else to do it.

network technology is the most important link, so don’t waste time on the real network do bad, basically do not understand technology, understand the technology, people often study the wrong direction, busy to study technology, and do not understand the technical work very simply, let know people to help do, in the project, will use a forum, then I say "

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