The national unity of the central flower gorgeous bloom

In September 12th, the city held a create national unity and progress advanced area observation and recognition will exert the typical demonstration leading role model driven, has injected new vitality to create work in depth, let the flower of national unity and progress in central gorgeous bloom. "Leaders" personally to create. To educate and guide the various units, each industry attaches great importance to create work, and to create a work as the job, the key work as "number one" personally, personally, make the work of creating a whole to move forward, to lay a solid foundation for the realization of "five years" of the advanced target. Mobilize everyone to participate in the creation. Research and development of national unity and progress of electronic materials, the construction of folk culture square, national unity and national street culture, national unity and national unity and progress of drawing compound, propaganda wall, planting trees, open folk activity room and library, let the national unity and progress permeates every corner. Typical lead constantly emerging. This year, the central area in different areas to dig the characteristics of bright spots, cultivate a typical demonstration point. At the same time, the district office building to actively recommend provinces to create advanced units 12, advanced individual 3, Carlo Zhang Jianqing, mining and other figures of national unity and progress of advanced deeds, to create a working demonstration leading role gradually. Active participation of the community to create. Through organizing the construction of the "peace Temple" to promote the work of the non-public economy and the establishment of a forum to mobilize and guide the religious and non-public sectors of the economy to actively participate in the creation of work. Vigorously improve the production and life of the masses. The district government invested more than 100 yuan in Lantau Peak Gongbei mountain water and toilet water engineering; Nanshan snow Folk Museum planted peach, lilac, Salix trees in 3500, coordinate and solve the water problems in Museum staff.  

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