City Seismological Bureau to actively participate in the 2012 three countryside activities

depth publicity for the central and provincial document 1 spirit, the implementation of strong agricultural and agricultural policy, in March 7th, in 2012 the city’s "three rural" activities in Datong County, the official opening of the treasure house. City wide Bureau, Seismological Bureau, science and Technology Bureau, health bureau 4 units participated in the event.
in promotional activities, the Municipal Seismological Bureau set up earthquake disaster mitigation Advisory Taiwan, explaining to the public knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction, earthquake knowledge and display boards of more than 10 pieces, issued the "earthquake disaster mitigation self-help manual" and "earthquake to do", "the construction of earthquake safety knowledge manual Yuan" more than 300 copies. Rural people have a further understanding of the knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction, and further enhance awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.



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