nvestment in Xining at that time — an interview with Xu Guocheng, vice mayor of Xining, the chairm

Xining has unlimited potential for development

Xu said that in recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, Xining City, the joint efforts of all aspects of economic and social undertakings have made great progress, the improvement of the investment environment, the city construction projects like a raging fire, the development has become increasingly prominent advantages, continuously formed to accelerate the development of the atmosphere. Therefore, for the achievements of the city construction, industrial development, culture and tourism exhibition in Xining city in recent years, efforts to increase investment, let more people understand Xining, to know Xining, Xining venture to the city development, industrial and Investment Fair came into being.

Xu Guocheng said that the city of Xining Investment Fair held in the city, is a direct for all types of investors, dialogue with investors, promote the development of urban investment event. Xining is the capital city of Qinghai, as the core city of the eastern city of group, has a high degree of the first in the province and even across the Tibetan Plateau, Xining is facing rare opportunities for development, there are a lot of good platform and project, has a huge development potential, will provide unlimited business opportunities for enterprises.

this is a high specification, large-scale exhibition

as the history of the development of the city of Xining, the highest specifications, the largest conference, launched a number of projects, the quality of the unprecedented high.

Xu Guocheng introduction, the project will be discussed to promote the project and investment negotiations, to promote the project 287, with a total investment of nearly $150 billion. Among them, the city construction projects 148, investment of 125 billion 193 million yuan; industrial development projects a total of 31, the investment amounted to 6 billion 592 million yuan; the culture of class a total of 23 projects, investment of 2 billion 408 million yuan; travel a total of 46 projects, investment of 8 billion 930 million yuan; circulation services a total of 15 projects, investment of 3 billion 333 million yuan forestry and animal husbandry; class a total of 20 projects, investment of 1 billion 831 million yuan.

the fair in addition to the introduction of the Lake District, the core area of the well lane Central Business District ten area city development and construction projects, Xining City, the county departments, various industrial parks have been introduced including industrial development, culture, tourism, commerce and service such as more than and 200 projects to promote investment.

it is worth mentioning that this exhibition is the launch of the project have been repeatedly demonstrated, in line with national industrial policy, with the planning, land, infrastructure construction project approval conditions, has very strong operation and have the ground conditions.

this is to show the world Xining window

fair with its unique charm and strong attraction, attracting many investors to seek business opportunities, to become the city of Xining to show a "window", also provides an understanding of their own life, the growth of this land of opportunity for the majority of the people of Xining.

Xu Guocheng introduced, in order to allow enterprises and the public to understand more detailed understanding of Xining, Xining urban planning;

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