Experts say the principle of the merger of pension units to determine the pension does not fall

29, participate in the chief part of the pension reform policy discussion and formulation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of the world social security zhengbingwen said that at present the relevant reform programs are actually doing top-level design, but there is no specific to whether to pay on this child by seniority.

how to change the civil service pension?

will be composed of basic pension and occupational pension

for the pension merger, Zheng Bingwen said that the current reform principles have been identified, after the reform, the income of the organs and institutions retirees will be composed of two basic pension and occupational pension.

Zheng Bingwen said that occupational pension will ensure that the agency’s pension replacement rate will not be reduced, that is, the reform will not reduce the pension of the corresponding population.

it is understood that the current institutions and enterprise employees pension replacement rate (pension percentage of pre retirement salary disparity, namely) institutions retirees can get the job wages of 80% to 90%, and retired enterprise employees can only receive on-the-job wages of 40% to 60%.

substitution rate differences between how the essay?

countries have introduced policies to promote enterprise annuity

for organizations and institutions, enterprise retirees pension replacement rate disparity problem, Zheng Bingwen stressed that the enterprise workers pensions are actually composed of two parts, including basic pension and annuity, but the number is still very small has established enterprise annuity business, national insurance number was only 20 million people".

Zheng Bingwen said that in December last year, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of human social security and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued "on the occupation pension annuity, personal income tax related issues notice", the implementation of the enterprise annuity, occupation pension personal income tax deferred tax preferential policies, this is a country in order to promote enterprise annuity, specific measures the development of occupation pension.

Zheng Bingwen think, more and more enterprises to establish the enterprise annuity, the replacement rate of enterprise workers pension will be in line with the organs and institutions.

Zheng Bingwen said that after the reform, regardless of the system, model or payment formula, the two sectors of the pension system will be consistent.

pension merger reform program can be introduced?

reform has been written into the government this year, the overall deployment of work


Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report 2014 general plan, establish a unified basic old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents, improve the convergence approach to employee pension insurance, endowment insurance system reform of institutions, to encourage the development of enterprise annuity, occupation annuities and commercial insurance".


reform program for this year is about the introduction, Zheng Bingwen very confident: "I believe I can push out this year, the government is in the real thing children!" Zhengbing;

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