Childlike innocence to the party flying dream Xining first school culture and Art Festival Opening

to promote the development of school art education, enrich students’ extracurricular cultural life, stimulate students’ interest in art and hobbies, the morning of May 18th, by the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xining city civilization office, Xining city a city office, the Education Bureau of Xining city and Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau jointly organized the first child to Party · dream "campus culture and Art Festival, opened in the town square of Xining people stage.

the opening ceremony, the 12 primary school from Xining city participated in the dance competition, the afternoon is primary school reading a special game for 19 days, primary school chorus competition, wonderful performances attracted many people stop and watch. The campus culture and Art Festival is divided into four major categories: dance, chorus, instrumental music and recitation. Among them, the high school group to participate in dance, chorus, instrumental class three games, the primary school group to participate in dance, recitation, choral class three games. Next, the middle school dance competition and high school instrumental competition will be held on the 25 day in the central square of the people on the stage, the school choir competition will be held on the morning of 26.

in addition, the game set outstanding organization award, Best Creative Award program, performing one or two, third-prize and a number of excellent gardener award counseling, 28 will be held in Xining 21 held awards and outstanding performances. Washington (reporter Peng Na)


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