n 2016, the million experts to serve the grassroots action plan into the successful completion of t

for the further implementation of "talent province strategy, give full play to the leading role of high-end talent in the main battlefield of the construction of Qinghai, in September 18 to 24, sponsored by the State Ministry of human resources and social security, human resources and social security office, hosted the 2016 experts Service grassroots action plan" into the activities of Qinghai successful completion of the service the task, provides high quality technical services to the grassroots, to achieve the desired results.

The event invited Chinese

Environmental Science Institute of biodiversity research center, China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University, China Forestry Science Research Institute and other units of the 15 experts in Qinghai Province ecological environment remote monitoring center, the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Agricultural Science Research Institute, Career Technical College and Qinghai Kunlun Haixizhou salt alkali industry Limited company around Sanjiang the source of biodiversity conservation planning and demonstration "," medlar technology innovation base construction, the comprehensive management of waste ammonia liquid recycling project ", carried out in various forms, content rich science and technology service.

in the province of ecological environment remote monitoring center, the director of the biological diversity of China Academy of Environmental Science Research Center, Li Junsheng led the team of experts through seminars, on-site technical guidance, personnel training, academic exchanges and other forms of ecological protection for our province red landing key technology research, monitoring and early warning system construction and management measures for the formulation of specific work such as the red line to provide technical support; Professor Chinese Academy of forestry has been fourth times to the plexus Richun Haixizhou provide technical support, this year, based on the research of Agricultural Science in Haixizhou "Qaidam wolfberry technology innovation base construction project, and 4 experts Cong Richun travel more than 1 thousand kilometers, breeding, for trees and shrubs the factory seedling, planting area of wild Lycium deep Haixizhou cultivation techniques, pest control and other aspects of technical training Training. The members of the expert group planting production management technology, processing, sales, etc. the electricity supplier of wolfberry explanation and on-site consultation, Haixi state enterprises and farmers for planting Chinese wolfberry wolfberry wolfberry sales base construction, market scale, Chinese wolfberry industry development have a deeper understanding.

"experts Service grassroots action plan" since the start of 2011, high-level experts have included academicians, more than 90 people to carry out green technology service activities, involved in the field of health care, mineral development, environmental protection, circular economy, industrial park construction, agricultural economic forest etc..


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