Datong County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine actively carry out 2012 years of professional

in order to further promote the development of the hospital, to speed up the construction of professional technical personnel and health, strengthen quality education, improve the quality of medical services, according to the year 2012 on the education and training of cadres of the province, city, county, county hospital of TCM from August 15th to 18, held the continuing medical education courses, combined with the actual situation of the professional technical staff to carry out intensive training.

County Bureau of human resources and social security staff management department Huang Min, health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of lands and chief Chang Binghong and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. The necessity and importance of continuing medical education, the Huang Min made a speech, she stressed that training is a long-term task, need to cooperate closely with various departments, each department, work together and make concerted efforts to put the training work done. Through training, change the concept of service, enhance the awareness of the active participation of workers and the sense of ownership, and constantly improve the service level and professional skills of employees, establish a good image of the hospital.

the training object includes all hospital medical and nursing, medicine, and other professional and technical personnel, management personnel, workers and service skills of personnel and reporting, evaluation and promotion of all types of professional and technical personnel, to take centralized training, participating in the provincial and municipal refresher courses, at home and abroad to participate in academic conferences and academic lectures. The training content is divided into two parts: public and professional subjects, including basic state policies, laws and regulations, as well as new knowledge, new theory, new technology and new methods of professional training courses.

centralized training lasted 4 days, a total of 32 hours, a total of 455 people trained. In the joint efforts of attention, careful organization and staff under the leadership of the hospital, county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine 2012 year medical continuing education and training of the successful completion of the work, the majority of health professional and technical personnel enthusiasm and welcome. ()


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