Li Xiaopeng’s research on Qinghai’s transportation and poverty alleviation

1 month 20 to 21, and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of transport party secretary Li Xiaopeng to Qinghai research development of transportation and traffic and poverty alleviation work, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Wang Jianjun of Qinghai transportation reform and development to exchange views. Li Xiaopeng stressed, resolutely implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech to the transportation industry, thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council major decision-making and deployment of poverty alleviation and development work conference spirit, heart, love, do hard to serve the people, serve the overall situation, the "three services", the Ministry of Heli "roll up their sleeves and go" Qinghai, to jointly promote the transportation work to a new level.

20 afternoon, Li Xiaopeng line to Xining bus station and Xining Railway Station, on-site inspection and guidance during the spring festival organization, waiting by the service, security protection work, visit condolences to the railway, road transport industry of front-line workers, and the traveler cordial conversation. In the Qinghai province highway network operation monitoring and emergency response center, Li Xiaopeng understood the Qinghai road network security services and police emergency situations with linkage. 21 afternoon, Li Xiaopeng visited six Panshan within the area of the Ledu sea east of Pu Tai Xiang Yin Jia Cun, investigation of traffic precise poverty alleviation project, visit condolences to the poor people, to understand their travel, production, life, extended New Year greetings to them, and encourage them to firm confidence, faced difficulties with the party and the government’s policy of enriching the people, more ways to Guangkaimenlu, self-reliance, early poverty, live a well-off life.

in Xining and the city of East Sea during the investigation, the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of government has held a forum of cooperation between the Ministry of Qinghai Province, the six hills area of poverty alleviation and coordination to promote the province. Li Xiaopeng has listened to the provincial government on the transportation work report, and with the Provincial Department of transportation, the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the Qinghai Airport Inc and other relevant departments responsible comrades of the Ministry of transport and communication in six Panshan area cadres. He pointed out that "to the rich, first road" is very important for the western region, the transportation department of transportation in key areas to further deepen the reform, continue to promote the construction of an integrated transport system, good planning and implementation, speed up the construction of the project, relying on scientific and technological innovation, expand opening up, improve service quality, reduce logistics costs, promote Qinghai transportation industry better and faster development. He stressed the need to give full play to the leading role of transport, to further strengthen the responsibility to play, establish and improve the working mechanism, and effectively form a joint effort, the Ministry of cooperation to win the fight against poverty.

vice governor Han Jianhua accompanied by research.


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